Weight loss with resistant starch carbs

Wow!!! Here comes the good news. You can have that mirror-perfect figure even after taking carbs. Wondering how? Here’s the answer. A recent study conducted by the University of Colorado acted as a myth buster thereby revealing that carbs can actually help in weight loss. As reported in a magazine recently, this study was conducted on over a whooping no. of 4000 + people, suffering either from obesity or on its verge. Out of the three mostly known carbohydrate types, the resistant starch type was chosen and used to study the impact that carbohydrate intake can have on weight loss.

Unlike the popular belief, readily digestible and slowly digestible forms are the most harmful as the body easily digests adding to those unwanted kilos. On the contrary, resistant starch is near to indigestible. Since our body takes longer to digest resistant starch, it gives a fuller feeling for a longer time. And the result, of course is lesser intake of carbs as you don’t feel hungry often. However, there’s no reason to fret as limited intake of resistant starch is better than no intake as you get the required stamina. Not just this, the release of glucose in the blood is also limited in case of resistant starch intake. Well, so far so good.

Now, for all you out there, who are looking forward to resistant starch to look slimmer and better, include beans, yams, sweet potatoes in your diet regime. If you have pasta passion, remember there’s no harm in including some whole grain pasta as well. All said and done, it’s time for all you guys there to enjoy the blessing of resistant starch for weight loss – and yes, you can stop hating carbs, altogether.