Shape up or ship out! So, flab leads to flip.

Well, who wont want to shed that extra flab?

So, what is fat or flab all about? Dont we need fat at all? Or, how do you check those extra calories? Is there any means to check the accumulation of flab on our bodies? Do aerobics or other exercises help? What about breathing exercises or yoga?Does weight gain have any connection with weight gain? Or for that matter, what are the adverse effects of obesity during pregnancy? Learn about the pregnancy symptoms, and also master the means to tide over pregnancy blues.What is arthritis or diabetes, and how are they connected with obesity?

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Obesity & Weight Loss:

obesity can be caused by many diseases. The diseases that obesity can cause are diabetes, heart ailments, and even thyroid. On the other hand, these diseases can also lead to obesity. So, what exactly is obesity?

One thing is for sure, though. Obesity doesnt mean excess fat only on the tummy! In simple words, obesity refers tot hat syndrome when the body has repositories of fats. This accumulation of excess fat takes place in portions of the human physique where they should not gather. Ultimately, the excessive fat accumulation causes those portions to sag.

Obesity results when the body fails to burn these extra fats.


The developing countries of the Third World as well as the developed countries are faced with dual dilemmas.

In the case of the former, there is on one hand malnutrition and poverty, while on the other there is affluence and obesity! In sharp contrast, the developed and affluent countries of the world are facing the gargantuan task of tackling obesity among their people. These countries are having the fast-track lifestyle with the fast food culture being the in-thing among the youth and the working population.

They have risen to the occasion. Each country has initiated a slew of measures to not just check obesity but also contain this deadly disease right at the grassroots. Hence, the children are being focused upon.

Among the developing countries, India is a glaring example, of suffering the dual dilemma. Presently, the focus is on tackling malnutrition. Obesity does not figure at all. The Tenth five-year Plan has programs on nutrition with attempts to gain the optimal levels of nutrition.

Obesity is fast gaining ground in the developing countries, particularly among the urban population with serious health effects. It has also been found that many parents give their children readymade fast foods as tiffin-time meal. This culture not only destroys the taste buds of the children, but also makes the body system have an allergy to the normal home-made hygienic meals. As they grow up, these kids develop the diseases that are the fallouts of this fast food culture.